Social Harvest is a social enterprise and seasonal community garden located in the Forbes neighbourhood of Ottawa. The Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre is piloting this initiative addressing food insecurity in our community through a range of activities. 



We address food insecurity in our community through a range of activities:

  • Offering workshops on urban agriculture to improve food literacy skills;

  • Host a seasonal community garden to facilitate access to fresh and nutritious produce;

  • Provide opportunities to develop work experience and reduce barriers to employment through internships;

  • Support our partnered food security organizations: the MarketMobile and the Ottawa Good Food Box.



We recognize that food insecurity is a severe public health issue with complex roots. We believe that access to fresh and nutritious food should not be a privilege but a right. We want to contribute to the larger solution by providing our piece of the puzzle and creating real social impact within our community.

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To support our operations financially, we sell a range of premium microgreens. Our products are fresh, local, nutritious, and follow organic practices. Our programming activities benefit from all the proceeds generated through our sales.

At this time we are selling the following varieties: 

  • Spicy Triton Radish

  • Red Radish

  • Green Peas

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