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Microgreen Growing Kit

Micro-Harvest is a fun, easy-to-use microgreen growing kit. It contains all you need to grow indoors all year round in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. This kit is also a way to get kids involved in learning more about how their food is grown.



Our products are sold through our sister social enterprises at Good Food on the Move and Market13, they can also be found at the Beechwood Market and at the Social Market within the Parkdale Market. Click on the links below to find our products through our partner shops. We currently offer two products, Microgreen Harvesting Kit and four varieties of Microgreens sold in 50g packages.

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We are presently selling our microgreens through our sister social enterprises at Good Food on the Move and Market13. We presently have the following varieties for sale: 

  • Radish, Red 

  • Radish, Spicy Triton

  • Peas, Green

  • Broccoli

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What is a Social Enterprise?

According to the Government of Ontario, Social Enterprises are organizations or initiatives "that use business strategies to achieve a social or environmental impact. While generating revenues from the sale of goods and services, social enterprises also expressly intend to create positive outcomes and measure their results. As their business grows, the social impact grows." 

Social Harvest is not just a microgreen business; it encompasses a range of programs and services geared towards improving our community's social engagement and long-term food security. We offer workshops, a community garden, and internships as part of our key activities.