The "Cultivating Wellness" Workshop Series 

The "Cultivating Wellness" workshop series provides a space to learn about different plants’ healing properties with a focus on cultural traditions/ practices, and practical ways to engage these properties.

Cultivating Wellness with Ginger !

Tuesday, April 12


7-9 pm

Warm-up this spring by learning all about Ginger! Familiar to many of us in the kitchen, ginger has a rich history and many traditions that we all can learn more about. 

Join this interactive session led by three knowledgeable presenters. We will have visual presentations, conversations, make ginger tea together, and a live demonstration of how to prepare a fermented ginger drink (it’s easy and very tasty)!

Fresh ginger will be provided to you.

Facilitator descriptions

Our three facilitators are educators and plant cultivators, not medical practitioners. So the sessions are based on cultural traditions and practices, they are meant to highlight the health benefits of the plants and are not to be a substitution for professional health information.

Our Facilitators speak: English, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, French

Mary Roufail

Mary Roufail is a community educator with a focus on plant growth, currently based in Ottawa. She has a social work background (MSW), and years of experience in community gardening/ urban agriculture. She is especially interested in bringing people together to connect with nature and diverse cultural roots.
Mary has over 15 years of experience working with non-profit organizations in Toronto with missions to ensure access to healthy food for everyone. She is also a lover of spicy food.

Sun Shan

Sun Shan was born in Beijing, China. She lives in Ottawa, where she is an urban farmer and educator. She has a background in biology and ecology and has over 20 years of experience working as a research scientist, conservation biologist, and sustainability educator. She and her partner founded and run The Chi Garden, a small ecological farm in Ottawa. It is cultivated as a place for diverse vegetables and herbs, as well as community conversations around food and our connected traditions. Her favourite plants from the garden are perilla and shiso, east Asia herbs of wonderful flavour and healing properties.

Kumari Gurusami

Kumari Gurusami has an undergraduate degree in agriculture from India. Her doctoral degree was in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with a focus on agricultural development.
She has been in Canada since 2011 in varying professions related to GIS. She is happy to have had the opportunity to do farming in Ottawa through Just Food Community Farm from 2021. She loves growing ethnic vegetables like Okra and Gourds and cooking with her mother's recipes.

All from a little seed

Rebecca Last

April 6 - 6 PM at Incubator13

Facilitated by Rebecca Last

Let's talk about plant reproduction! And how home gardeners can save money, have fun and breed new varieties by starting their own seeds. We’ll talk about the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction.

We’ll discuss sources of seeds, viability, equipment and supplies and strategies for breaking dormancy, and hardening off.


The theoretical portion of the talk ends with a brief quiz on trouble 



shooting problems.

Participants will receive a kit upon arrival with seeds, containers,
This workshop will be hosted in English and is a partnership between Social Harvest Ottawa and the Master Gardeners of Ottawa.

D'une toute petite graine

Rebecca Last has been gardening on and off since age 8 and has been a member of Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton since 2005. Her small suburban garden is certified by the Canadian Wildlife Federation as a wildlife habitat. Rebecca grows a dozen or more varieties of heritage tomatoes every year. Her garden design includes elements of permaculture and she has been honoured to receive several awards from the Ontario horticulture community. Rebecca’s gardening addiction is enabled by her loving husband Richard and a collection of very spoiled rescue cats.

Odette McIntyre

8 Avril - 18h à l'Incubateur13

Facilitée par Odette McIntyre

Parlons de la reproduction des plantes et comment les jardiniers amateurs peuvent économiser de l'argent, s'amuser et créer de nouvelles variétés en commençant leurs propres graines. Nous parlerons de la différence entre la reproduction sexuée et asexuée.

Cette présentation vous amènera à explorer la sexualité – celle des plantes évidemment. Elle vous enseignera à économiser, à vous amuser et pourquoi pas, à créer de nouvelles variétés de plantes par le biais de semis faits à la maison. La présentation couvrira les raisons qui poussent les gens à jardiner à partir de semis. Il y aura une revue du vocabulaire utilisé pour ce type de jardinage et de l'importance de bien documenter l'étape des semis. Nous allons couvrir ensemble les sources de semence et leur viabilité, l'équipement et les fournitures afin d'effectuer ces semis ainsi qu'un calendrier de semis favorable aux différentes récoltes (semis intérieurs et extérieurs). La présentation comprendra quelques idées pour prendre de l'avance sur la saison, poursuivra sur l'acclimatation des semis et se terminera par une foire aux questions qui propose des solutions aux problèmes de semis communs


Thursday, April 21 

5pm - 6pm


Facilitated by Sara Prisma Williston

Join us for an evening of relaxation and creativity. We are preparing for our spring planting by making our own mini seedling pots from toilet paper rolls. We will provide you with the decorating materials but you are more than welcome to bring your own stationery and toilet rolls.

Odette a eu le coup de foudre pour l'horticulture à l'âge de 8 ans, en jardinant avec son père dans son village natal de Ste Anne de Beaupré, Québec. Elle a poursuivi sa passion pour l'horticulture et l'écologie à l'Institut de Technologie Agricole de La Pocatière où elle a complété des études en Phytotechnologie. Après sa graduation, Odette a travaillé pendant 4 ans au Jardin Botanique de Montréal avant de déménager dans la région de Toronto où elle a continué à oeuvrer en Horticulture dans la Région de York avant de prendre sa retraitein the region of York.

Sara Prisma Williston

Sara Prisma Williston is a colourful mental health advocate and artist. She creates art with uplifting themes of acceptance, resiliency, empowerment, and liberation with the use of vibrant and optimistic colours, impasto techniques, and unique mark-making.

Vegetable Garden

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