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Social Harvest Project Officer

Myriam Faucher started working with the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre (RRCRC) in November 2018. There, she started retrofitting the urban greenhouse and founded a social enterprise to support and expand on the services of the RRCRC. Fast forward to today, she is now leading the operations and management of Social Harvest. Myriam is passionate about food security, sustainable development and community engagement. Her favourite part of working with Social Harvest so far is taste-testing the microgreens. How can such small plants be packed with so much flavour?!

In 2018, Myriam graduated from the University of Edinburgh with distinction with an M.Sc. in Food Security. She completed her studies as a Ricard Scholar and her research focused on the economic, environmental, and nutritional potential of re-introducing orphan crops in the Malawian diet. Previous to her graduate studies, she was awarded an Honours B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Ottawa in 2017, where she completed her education as a Loran Scholar. In her spare time, she likes spending time outdoors, playing board games, and enjoying good food with good company.


Social Harvest Project Assistant

Jessica Moreira Maia Souto is an Urban Agriculturalist with over 5 years of experience in research and management. Jessica believes in helping individuals and communities access nutritious and fresh foods not only because it is a right but also because it is delicious. She focuses on implementing actions for better urban planning and market-community oriented measures that bring solutions to the improvement of food safety and food security.  Working at Social Harvest is providing her with the opportunity to merge her passions for fresh and local food with business outreach. So far, she mostly enjoys talking and singing to her plants while tending to them (we all know it helps them grow).

Jessica has an undergrad degree in International Logistics in which she targeted export solutions for native fruits in Brazil. While completing her master’s in Agribusiness, Jessica developed an evolutionary framework of urban and peri-urban agriculture across the globe. She also has international experience having lived in France and the US and working in countries belonging to the Southern Cone. As a newcomer to Canada, she has been getting used to the weather and enjoying getting to know more about Ottawa and its cultural sites. Outside of work, Jessica loves cooking and sharing food with family and friends.



Social Harvest Junior Greenhouse Technician

Anisha Chaudhary is an environmental science major at Queen's University. Anisha is passionate about uplifting communities with natural resources and shopping locally to lower carbon emissions associated with food transport. She works at Social Harvest tending to the plants as a Junior Greenhouse Technician. Outside of work, she loves nature, board games, and spending time with her friends and family. So far, her favourite part of her job is taking care of the plants, and watching them all grow!


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