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​SHO Team - First time coming to the office together

On February 09, 2021, the Social Harvest team finally got together after a month of working remotely. Thanks to Erik’s agriculture skills, we had over 50 packs worth of microgreens ready for harvest. We took this as an opportunity to put all hands -on deck to help with the cultivation process. This included all our spicy triton, red radishes, green peas and our new broccoli variety

We began our day with a quick tour of the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre facility and meeting everyone from our sister enterprises, from Good Food Box, Incubator13, and Gift-In-Kind. After that, we went straight to the greenhouse to do a general health inspection of the microgreens and brushing off the snowfall on the roof to help give the plants more sunlight. Our green pea were prone to developing mould on their seeds. Still, we could quickly fix that with a spray of a mixture solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. The good news was that the rest of the other microgreens were in perfect condition for harvesting. The process was quite simple, we would take a knife and cut about 1 to 2 inches of the top of the microgreens and then repurposed the rest for our compost and mulch bins. We then took the cut microgreens and cleanly packaged them for distribution.

Aside from work, we wanted to take some time to celebrate being able to finally come to the office. We managed to work a whole month together without officially meeting until that day so we were all fairly excited about the occasion, and we took the opportunity by taking a team photo. Though times are tough, we try to enjoy the little things. Most of us on the team haven’t had much opportunity to meet new people, and to be able to come to the office and meet the community was incredibly exciting and a nice change of pace. We took this moment to really appreciate the moment we had together and talked about life, hobbies, and working at Social Harvest.

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