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Who are the new interns – Winter 2021

On January 11th, we officially began welcoming our new interns for the winter season of 2021. We have three new interns and one volunteer working with us for the next three months. They will be in charge of numerous tasks at Social Harvest, and will collaborate on several ideas to help drive us forward. Thanks to YSB (Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa), we were able to secure the funding to give back to the community by providing youth aged 18-29 the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain valuable experience.

We would also like to take the time to say farewell and a big thank you to Aditi, Anisha, and Myriam for their time and contribution! Aditi and Anisha were last season’s interns and completed work with us back in December. Myriam was our Project Officer and has decided to go back to school and we will very much miss her.

We understand that getting into a routine at a new workspace during stressful times can be quite difficult due to the pandemic. That’s why we’ve made it our priority to provide as much assistance and support to help make our interns feel welcomed.

Here's a brief description of what our interns will be doing at Social Harvest this winter.


Alan Sibbald

Alan will be our Marketing and Communications Intern for the winter. He’s in charge of handling our social media and will research ways to optimize our online presence and reach out to users. Being a recent graduate at Algonquin College, his background is primarily in graphic design and media productions. We’re looking forward to seeing what he’ll produce in the coming months.

Erik Watkins

Erik is the Greenhouse Operations Intern at Social Harvest. He’ll be working at our greenhouse, making sure our plants grow to their fullest before harvest. Erik recently completed his studies at Glebe CI in 2020 and has a terrific understanding of plant biology and germination. He also plans to continue his studies Dalhousie University in Halifax but in the mean time, he’ll be harnessing his skills in plant cultivation with us.

Yashna Nanda

Yashna is our Business Development Intern. She will be assisting in the development of Social Harvest’s products and services. Along with being in charge of creating partnerships with local retail outlets throughout Ottawa. She is passionate about working closely with local communities and using her analytical skills to help find opportunities to grow and finding the most optimal and sustainable solutions to major issues.

Katja Jonasch

Katja will be Social Harvest’s Community Engagement and Education Volunteer. She’ll be in charge of coordinating the activities and workshops at Social Harvest which include food literacy and urban agriculture programs. Currently Katja is a student at McGill University and is in her final semester of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Global Food Security and we’re happy to have her on the team this season.


Do you have any interest in working for Social Harvest in the near future? Be sure to follow us on all our social channels and be sure subscribe to our newsletter to know our selection process will begin. Our next opening for interns will be for the spring so be sure to keep an eye out.


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