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Vegetable Garden


Garden Partners

  • We are encouraging everyone to get involved in growing food for their community, as a fun activity that will also increase awareness of and assist in reducing food insecurity in our neighborhood. Your donation will help increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables, grown by local community members!

  • It’s easy! Just plant some extra vegetables, herbs or fruit in your own garden and donate it to the RRCRC Food Bank. (Our Food Bank is an Emergency Food Service that provides nourishing food to people in our neighborhood.)

Organic Garden
  • All donations of fresh produce are welcome; the following are examples of items that are particularly appreciated: Fresh herbs, Greens, Peppers, Tomatoes, Okra, Beans...

  • Local community members who are experiencing food insecurity will be able to receive donations of fresh produce when they visit or obtain other food and essential items as clients of the RRCRC Food Bank.


Seed Delivery

2022 is the Year of the Garden in Ottawa! Do you want to grow food in your garden or on your balcony? Do you face financial or any other barriers to accessing Good Food and/or gardening? If “Yes”, then you can pick up free vegetable seed and soil in your neighbourhood through the Just Food Seed and Soil Program!
This program is run in partnership with Greely Sand & Gravel and the City of Ottawa, as well as amazing volunteers and community partners in your neighbourhood.

You can receive a minimum of 6 vegetable seed varieties and approximately 160 litres of organic top-soil (which is equal to 3 blue/black recycling bins full of soil) for free.  You will also receive an information sheet with resources including instructions on how to grow food from seed and weblinks to a Garden Guide in 5 languages (English, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish).


What You Need to Do:

-Fill out this online Registration Form

-Go to the Distribution Event in your neighbourhood

-Visit the Registration Table to sign in and pick up your seed and Information SheetSoil is Heavy!


What You MUST Bring to the Distribution Event:

-A vehicle that can transport soil         

-If the event is driving distance, bring a car that can fit three recycling bins         

-If the event is walking distance, walk with a wheelbarrow, wagon, or other vehicle

-Three blue / black recycling bins (or similar containers) to contain your soil.

Garbage bags are NOT strong enough. Borrow from your neighbours if you need more bins!


YOUR DISTRIBUTION EVENT DATE AND TIME: Friday June 3rd, 4:00 PM - 7PM                                                                                                                          

YOUR DISTRIBUTION EVENT LOCATION: 815 St. Laurent Blvd #103, Ottawa, ON K1K 3A7        


You must be registered to attend your Distribution Event.

Interested in learning more? Send us a message with the number of people in your group to learn more.

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