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Garden Partners Program
  • Social Harvest encourages everyone to get involved in growing food for their community, as a fun activity that will also assist in reducing food insecurity in our neighbourhood. Donating your harvests will help increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables, grown by local community members!

  • It’s easy! Just plant some extra vegetables, herbs or fruit in your own garden and donate it to the RRCRC Food Bank (our Food Bank is an Emergency Food Service that provides nourishing food to people in our neighborhood).

  • All donations of fresh produce are welcome; the following are examples of items that are particularly appreciated: Fresh herbs, Greens, Peppers, Tomatoes, Okra, Beans...

  • Local community members who are experiencing food insecurity will be able to receive donations of fresh produce when they visit or obtain other food and essential items as clients of the RRCRC Food Bank.

Harvesting Vegetables
Become a garden partner!
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