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​Community Gardens - Spring 2021

Hi everyone, we have been quite busy over the last few weeks at Social Harvest. Currently we are growing our next batch of microgreens and working on many processes, including the merging with our sister social enterprises Ottawa Good Food Box and MarketMobile into the Ottawa Good Food Collective. Though that’s a story for another day.

We are now preparing for our community gardens which starts in spring. We are spreading the word through our social media channels that we’re in search of volunteers for community board to assist in the process of running the gardens. The Social Harvest Community Garden will be located next to our Greenhouse. The plan is to create a relatively small, accessible garden with space for 12 tenants where vegetables and fruit will be grown. We are currently looking for volunteers to join us, submitting grant proposals, and hoping to build the garden early this spring. The garden's main goal is to improve food security in Ward 13 by fostering a sense of community and increasing access and availability to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here are the positions we’re looking to fill this season:

  • General Operations Executive

    • Will be working with stakeholders, coordinating executives and garden members, maintaining waitlists, running registration and ensuring cooperation between everyone in the garden.

  • Garden Operations Executive

    • In charge of maintaining the garden's common areas, creating watering schedules if necessary, ensuring organic practices are being used and providing technical support to members.

  • Finance Executive

    • Responsible for collecting fees, consulting with gardeners on what is needed, buying necessary items, managing any funds from grants or fundraising, determining seasonal budgets, fundraising and applying for grants.

  • Outreach and Communications Executive

    • Has the duty of communicating with the public, answering questions about the garden, posting social media content, and organizing events and/or activities and/or workshops.

Interested in taking part? Apply now

If you’re looking to volunteer for our community gardens projects and also want to keep up with current news at Social Harvest, be sure to follow us online and subscribe to our newsletter. Links


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