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Who are the new interns? Spring 2021

On March 18th, we began welcoming our brand new batch of interns for the spring season! We are happily bringing in four highly skilled interns who will work a variety of jobs at Social Harvest for the next three months. These interns will try and build off of what the previous batch accomplished. Thanks to the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa, we are able to secure funding help the community by giving youth aged 18-29 valuable work experience so they can jumpstart their careers.

We would like to say "So long partner" to Erik, Yashna and Allan and thank them for their time and dedication to our team. They came in at a difficult time during Covid-19 and performed extremely well. We wish them the very best and hope that the skills they learned here will help them in their career!

Let us introduce you to our brand new interns!


Lester Santeliz

Lester will be working both with Social Harvest and Ottawa Good Food Box with their operations sector. Lester just graduated high school and is looking forward to gaining experience with us. Lester is originally from Nicaragua and is very much looking forward to working in the greenhouse and doing operations with our Good Food Box. We are excited to have Lester on our team!

Daryna Skybina

Daryna will be taking over the greenhouse operations at Social Harvest. Daryna is currently at the University of Toronto doing a Master's in Pastoral Studies. She will be combining her degree with a Certificate of Spirituality and Psychotherapy. Daryna has previously worked in research as well as being a yoga instructor. We look forward to having her on board and are excited to see what magic she can whip up in the greenhouse!

Akash Kaliya (AK)

Akash will be one of our Communications and Marketing Interns at both Social Harvest and Ottawa Good Food Box. Akash is currently completing his honours degree in Communication and Media Studies at Carleton University, he hopes to apply to grad school once he is finished. Akash will be taking over much of our content on our social media platforms so look out for that!

Robbie DeLorenzo

Robbie will be our second Communications and Marketing intern at both Social Harvest and Good Food Box. Robbie is a graduate of Carleton University with a degree Bachelors degree in Communications and Media studies (Honours). For the past two years, Robbie has been a head writer and site manager at a soccer blog called "The AC Milan Offside". We hope that Robbie can bring that experience to us and help in our endeavours.


If you have any interest in working for Social Harvest or Ottawa Good Food Box be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletters to know when our next selection process begins! Our next opening for interns will be in the summer so be on the lookout!

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